A Brazen Good Cop (UPDATED)

I hate to sound like I'm gender-biased, but it would take a female cop to make a stop like this.

I have been stopped a few times by female officers myself. They tend to take things to the letter of that law, no exceptions. Not even common sense in some cases. In my case I had an accident report by a local PD that my headlight has been mashed out in a hit and run, and STILL the female Trooper wrote me for a headlight out. Stupid. No common sense in that.

But at the same time, when I see something like this, it kinda makes me think maybe female cops are doing something right. No wonder women are hated "on the job" though. Probably hate them worse than black cops.

Notice too however, that when all is said and done, the offending officer gets a misdemeanor ticket.


The Perils of Cop on Cop Law Enforcement

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