Last Day of Israel

This is quite obviously a Zionist propaganda film meant to incite fear of, and support for war against Iran. Nonetheless it is a cool video, and certainly quite plausible.

It is important however, to keep in mind that this is indeed pure propaganda. If such an attack were to happen against Israel, it would more than likely be in the wake of an Israeli per-emptive attack against Iran. An often ignored fact is that Iran, as a people, have not attacked anyone in over 600 years. It is also important to keep in mind, the Muslim Pakistan already has nuclear weapons which they could attack Israel with, but haven't.

It should also be made clear here, that neither I nor Station.6.Underground are anti-Semites. Politically, I am against an preemptive attack on any country for any reason. Please don't confuse that political standing with race or religion. Thanks. Enjoy the short film...

Please view a few recent articles that discuss the most recent pounding of the war drums. This is quite possibly the lead up to WWIII folks. Shit's about to get Biblical.

US Weapons Shipment to Terrorists Seized

Obama Declares National Defense Emergency, Issues Executive Order

Central Banks Are Target Theme of Western Forces

Please view my short editorial here on this blog...

Show of Force

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