What In The World Are They Spraying? (Full Length Feature)

This is one of those conspiracy theories that people tend to completely dismiss out of hand as ridiculous, when in fact it's pretty much open knowledge that it is actually happening. What exactly the purpose is, might be up for debate in some circles of conspiracy-theorist though.

A little further out on the fringe there are folks who say the purpose of the chemtrail spraying is meant to bring about an entirely new global climate, a sort of terra-forming if you will, to make the planet more hospitable to a race of extra-terrestrials who have infiltrated our governments. A variation of this might be that the New World Order elites simply desire a steady global 72-degrees with moderate humidity, or something like that.

Zooming in a little closer to the real of realistic possibilities is that the government is spraying chemicals that will manipulate widespread populations. Much the same way as fluoride in our water does. This is actually quite plauseable when you start looking into the whole fluoride thing, but we are still left to wonder what chemical or chemicals are actually being sprayed, and to what ends. Chemicals to make people sick, irritated, good consumers? Who knows? While I certainly believe that we are being poisoned by the powers-that-be, I am not convinced it is being done through aerial spraying by and large. I think they have better ways to poisons us.

No, I believe what we are seeing is the manipulation of weather patterns. A more mundane explanation than many of the conspiracy theories out there, yet one that the general public still has a hard time swallowing for some reason, even though the technology is there and governments around the world have admitted it. Modern weather manipulation and cloud seeding has it's roots in an experiment conducted at General Electric labs in Schenectady, New York in 1946. The Chinese government is so open about their weather manipulation that they openly brag about it to the world, as they did when they guaranteed that it would not rain on the Beijing Olympics. So considering that weather manipulation is in fact technologically possible and is in fact being done openly by some governments, it's hardly a stretch at all to imagine that airliners might be involved in weather manipulation.

I think maybe people have a hard time accepting that, because of the massive scale on which it is being done for one thing. We aren't talking about a few artillery canisters being popped up into the sky over Beijing, and we aren't even talking about a few German Airforce jet fighters giving the Netherlands a wet-willy. If these airliners really are dong this, we are indeed talking about manipulation of global weather patterns on a long term basis. This in turn, means that whoever is controlling the weather, it controlling everything from the stock market to our food supply. So that puts us back into some pretty scary territory which the common folk aren't quite ready to accept. We are talking about something bigger than government. When I hear people say, "the government is spraying us with chemtrails" they are actually failing to see the bigger picture. It's not the government doing this, it's a behind-the-scenes network of international corporations. Remember, these planes fly around the world and are owned by private companies, not governments for the most part. So while the government may have the technology, it is the corporations who are collaborating in this weather pattern manipulation. But could there really be some hidden group behind the scenes with enough power to bring all these different companies together to carry out such a massive operation? And then, not only powerful enough to carry out such an operation, but to then turn around and actually profit from the results, whether politically or financially?

A few days ago we printed an article about how the international banking cartel was manipulating global finances and directing western military forces to do their bidding. In that article we included a video interview with a member of the Rothschild family, who talked about his desire for a global currency. A pretty straightforward admission of his family's designs to bring about a New World Order. But what does that have anything to do with the weather you ask, and chemtrail weather manipulation? Well, conveniently, the Rothschild also talked about the weather in that interview, about a minute or so in...

A Rothschild Speaks - Listen Closely

Are we making the connection yet, dear reader?

Here's one more little anecdote about chemicals and public modes of transportation. Have you ever wondered how passenger buses can afford to stay in business? Most of the time we see them tooling down the interstate with just a handful of passengers on board. How does that pay for all the fuel, maintenance, the driver's pay and benefits, etcetera? Well here's a little known fact that you can confirm with just about anyone who holds a Commercial Driver's License. Passenger buses are exempt from most government restrictions on transporting chemicals and other dangerous materials. They don't need to display placards, pay extensive fees, and are immune from most laws regarding interstate transport of dangerous materials. Now think about that the next time you look over at those baggage compartment doors on the half-empty bus riding next to you going down the freeway. That's right, they are being paid and paid well to transport all sorts of dangerous materials in those stowage bays.

Well, without further ado, here's the feature presentation. Happy trails...

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