Central Banks Are Target Theme of Western Forces

At the turn of the millennium there was a very short list of nations left in the world that did not have a Rothschild-family-controlled central bank. That short list included Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. (Some also debate the influence of the international banking cartel over Syria and Venezuela.) So the discerning reader here may have already noticed a pattern. Those countries are all said to be enemies of the United States for one thing. But what really makes them our enemies? The so-called terrorists? WMD's? What truth has there been to all of the rhetoric and propaganda? Well, let's take a look here and think about that for a few moments.


Afghanistan, was of course the target of a ferocious military invasion in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States. With the Taliban ousted from power for supposedly providing refuge to Al-Qaeda, and with a new US-supported government established in Kabul, the central bank of Afghanistan came under the control of newly appointed officials with close ties to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Which of course, are basically front-companies for the Rothschild banking cartel. (The latest man to take up the helm of the central bank in Afghanistan is actually a native of California.) Despite the fact that 92% of Afghans never heard of 9/11 and that alleged terror-mastermind Osama bin-Laden is out of the picture, US troops are still there a decade later protecting Opium crops (and heroin production) that has reached an all-time high. In the meantime, the powers-that-be there in Afghanistan are sitting on over a trillion-dollars worth of lithium that was supposedly only discovered after the invasion. So, that's one down. New control over the central bank, and US military protection for vast natural and criminal resources.


Next of course, we have Iraq. Heh, where to begin? With Saddam Hussein a key ally and CIA asset whom the US sold billions of dollars of weapons and chemicals to? With this friend of the US, being told by the US, that we had no intention of interfering when he asked for permission to invade Kuwait? Let's just flat out ignore all the rhetoric and propaganda that went into selling both wars to the American people, and stay focused on the real reason here. Some have rightly guessed to some degree that it was a war for oil. But that wasn't the whole picture. The truth of the matter is that, once again, the Rothschild-dominated international banking cartel wanted control of the central bank in Iraq. Not only for good old-fashioned imperialist ambition in order to topple one of the last independent central banks in the world, but also because the Iraqi strongman had emerged after Gulf War One as a threat to the international banksters with his refusal to trade oil in Federal Reserve Dollars exclusively. (A currency which is not in fact American money, but the currency of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, which again is controlled by the Rothschild cartel.) Instead, Saddam Hussein chose to do dump the Dollar in favor of the Euro, upsetting their international finance strategy, and began Chavez/Venezuelan-style direct bartering with nations with whom were not subject to the embargoes and economic sanctions that were placed on Iraq following Gulf War One, cutting the international banking cartel out of the loop entirely. A move that got American President JFK killed back in the 60's and the same reason why Saddam Hussein would eventually be hanged. Less then three months after his capture by US troops, a new Central Bank of Iraq was established under a law of the same name. Coincidentally, this was one day after UN weapons inspector Hans Blix declared the Iraq War illegal. Six months later, the UN Secretary General was pressed on whether he saw the invasion of Iraq as illegal, to which he replied...

“Yes, if you wish. I have indicated it was not in conformity with the UN charter from our point of view, from the charter point of view, it was illegal.” -Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary General, on Iraq invasion


Sudan has long been a hell-hole of suffering and misery. Decades of war between north and south, different ethnic groups, all fueled no doubt by outside interested bent on exploiting African nation. Most Americans probably couldn't tell you if it was a country or an automobile. Even those who know better would find it hard to imagine what value such a place might have on the international chess-board, and even the very few of us who peer more deeply behind the scenes scratch our heads in wondering how such a nation could wind up on the short list of countries who managed to resist the dominance of a Rothschild central bank. Maybe that's just it though. Maybe it really never was high on the list of priorities for the elites of the New World Order. Nevertheless, in July of 2011 Sudan was bumped off that short list and now too has a central bank dominated by Rothschild cartel interests, as the nation officially split in two with the oil-rich southern portion aligning with western corporations and issuing it's own new currency.


Libya came up on the chopping block just a few months earlier, as Colonel Mommar Quadaffy was toppled by a coalition of western powers including a heavy bombardment by the US Airforce in the opening days of the so-called rebellion by a ragtag group of admitted terrorists who fought against US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Western powers suddenly, and without any real explanation, turned their back on the Libyan leader after he had acquiesced to so many of their demands and went out of his way to create normalized relations with the West in the first decade of the new millenium. As a western media blackout of rebel atrocities became apparent and the propaganda against the Colonel Quadaffy shriveled, one had to seriously question why we were even in Libya in the first place. Had the powers-that-be simply used the momentum of the Arab Spring as a cover to finally steamroll over the extremely successful Libyan central bank and install their own? The answer becomes a pretty obvious "yes, probably so" when you consider the timing of events, and the fact that the Arab Spring is actually a disaster for US interests.Taking time out from their life or death battle against a supposedly despotic madman, the rebels quite suddenly established a new central bank and a new oil company before the war was even decided.The nail in the coffin for the Colonel, was his plan to trade in oil and gold on the international market, rather than Rothschild debt-based fiat currency. The same fatal mistake that both JFK and Saddam Hussein made before him.

So why would the United States align with self-avowed terrorists who pride themselves on killing Americans? Why would the United States mount a military campaign and agitate false revolutions which were contrary to our interests? What is truly frightening, yet becoming more and more apparent, is that our own military and intelligence services do not in fact act in the best interest of the United States at all. That instead, we have been tricked and enslaved to do the bidding of the international bankster cartel. That the United States is simply the military arm of a larger global agenda by a hidden elite who transcend antiquated notions of nationalism in their quest for a New World Order. With business and industry in the US drying up, and Americans becoming more and more dependent on government handouts, it almost seems as if the only thing we are equipped to export these days is the lives of young men and women. An Army of indentured servant mercenaries, conscripted by financial necessity to install a new global currency while destroying the last few pockets of resistance. And of course they will send an unassuming little old man to tell us this is what we have actually needed all along.

Hope you caught what the Rothschild had to say there in the first minute or so of that video. He makes no bones about the agenda. A one-world currency. Of course he doesn't seem like a threat at all now does he? Makes the idea of having one global dictator seem like no big deal. That's the point my friends, that's the point. Did you really expect these global masters to look like this?

See ya in 5 years!

So what's next? Predictions? Something to "prove" to you that this stuff is for real? Well folks, while you were busy keeping track of Britney's panties and what John and Kate ate, all of this has been going on, according to plan, and predicted by many people ahead of time. So remember that as the next chapter unfolds.

And that chapter is unfolding right now in Syria, and Iran.

US closes embassy in Syria, pulls out diplomats

Deeper Iran sanctions; US targets its central bank

Recurring theme indeed.

Check out the Executive Order declaring Iran a national emergency threat, from the White House.

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