R.I.P. Detective John Falcone

Although I have some reservations about accepting the official account of what happened that terrible day, one thing that I have no doubt about, is that this uniformed officer died a genuine hero's death. In his sacrifice, there is no ambiguity.

Here at Station.6.Underground we often take a negative position against police and authority in general, but it is important to remember that there are indeed many many men and women on the job who have intentions that are righteous, even if the system they uphold is not. I feel it is important to honor those who have done their very best to serve their community, all politics aside. Officer (Detective-Posthumous) Falcone could have just been sitting at home on the internet bitching about everything that is wrong with world, but he chose a different path.

He walked into the line of fire that day for one simple reason. Someone was in distress, and it was his job to help them. A job he took on of his own free will. A job he was dedicated to. A job he laid down his life for.

We thank you for your sacrifice sir, and may you rest in peace.

Det. John Falcon, City of Poughkeepsie Police Department, Pok., NY, Hero

Here is a news article in the local rag...

Corporate Newspaper


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