Researchers Believe 'UFO' on Sea Floor Is Secret Nazi Tech

Back in February it was reported that researchers had made a startling find at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It was nothing like they had ever seen before, and some said the find had all the hallmarks of a crashed UFO. Images recovered were certainly amazing enough to inspire the imagination. This image clearly shows a 'skid path' where the object moved across the sea floor and came to a rest:

Peering closely at the imagery, some have even fantasized that the object was a space-ship of the same class as the Star Wars series Millennium Falcon.

Even more interesting, all sorts of camera and radar/sonar equipment have malfunctioned whenever they approached, making it very difficult to get an images or data from the find. It has also made it very expensive to actually dive down on top of  find to glean more information.

What we are being told now though, is that the strange object is one of several, and this it is not of an otherworldly technology, but a remnant of WWII Nazi technology designed to thwart Allied submarines. Not only to act as a deterrent, but to actually lead subs to crash, using this technology to make their instruments go haywire.

The only problem with this theory, is that Allied submarines did not use video camera technology, radar was in its infancy and not used underwater, and sonar tech was still about as advanced as a tin can on a string. Nevertheless, the keepers of the truth here tell us that there is some "screen" and secret Nazi technology still activated on the floor of the ocean after all these years, which thwarts our modern efforts of research.

Get the full article here:

Sonar scans show that 'UFO' at bottom of Baltic sea may actually be a top-secret Nazi anti-submarine defence lost since the Second World War

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