Cops Say It's Good to GPS Track You, Not Them

Police (and other city workers) are outraged by the plan to install GPS tracking devices on all city vehicles in Columbus, Ohio. Firefighters say that the money would be better spent on a new fire-station, but police are screaming that such intrusion will put their lives in danger.

In this Ohio program, the device will allow supervisors to read the vehicle's location, speed, if the check-engine light is on, if it is sitting idle, if the seat-belt is clicked, and more. Many of the same offenses that we citizens are ticketed for on a daily basis, or for which we are otherwise paying for, such as idle time while a cop sleeps in his cruiser behind some warehouse.

Police hypocrisy seems to know no bounds. They have argued all the way up to the Supreme Court that they should be allowed to track your car without a warrant, yet when the technology is turned on them, suddenly is becomes a problem.

Hey cop! "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to be afraid of!" As they are so fond of telling us all the time while they do a cavity search on your wife in a dark alley.

But let's see what the cops themselves are saying about this. These quotes come from the PoliceOne.com commentary on the story:

>BADPIG6515 -  ... but my biggest problem with GPS in every car it that it becomes public record. Hello discovery motion from every defendant's attorney that you will ever deal wit.
In other words, cops don't want YOU, the defendant, to have access to pertinent evidence for your defense. Too bad, gone are the days that a cop can sleep with a whore then turn around and arrest her for prostitution, or sit at a bar drinking all night before he arrests you for DWI. Would be nice if they could install a device to see if that cop who just crashed into you was on the telephone (even though they are already exempt in most states anyway, because, you know, cops brains are better then yours and they can talk on the phone while driving better than you.)
txconner - we were told our GPS were installed for "officer safety" reasons. Hahahaha. 
In other words, even the cops themselves know that their own Gestapo tactics have nothing to do with "your safety."
maddog103 -  This will do wonders for morale!
Shiny happy people maddog, shiny happy people. 
sekeraksm -  You can not lead by fear or micro manage. Just another nail in that "im too afraid to do anything" coffin. City leaders and micro managers, have fun with employee moral and dont complain when no one wants to do anything but punch a clock and collect their check.
And why is it that police are so closed-minded to their own beat, to see that this also applies on a national level. It's no wonder why the people have given up and this nation has gone to hell in a hand cart. A cop IS A MICRO-MANAGER who works for the city leaders micro-managing the lives of serfs who were once called citizens.

Don't complain about the very system you uphold at gunpoint, Mr Officer.

Now here is where I go off the rails with my "I hate pigs" fan-base. I totally disagree with this measure by the Columbus town fathers. Never have I seen two wrongs make a right. If it is wrong against the people, it is wrong for the police (and public sector.) Forget about the integrity of undercover operations, the piles of paperwork, it all comes down to one simple fact. This is a violation of the Constitution. The same rule applies to we the people as it does to cops of the Fourth Reich. Let us reclaim our rights, let us reclaim liberty. Let the cops lead way! Police, we need you to help us!!! Wake up!!! The oppression is now at your doorstep. Will you do something about it?

The three aims of the tyrant are, one, the humiliation of his subjects; he knows that a mean-spirited man will not conspire against anybody; two, the creation of mistrust among them; for a tyrant is not to be overthrown until men begin to have confidence in one another -- and this is the reason why tyrants are at war with the good; they are under the idea that their power is endangered by them, not only because they will not be ruled despotically, but also because they are too loyal to one another and to other men, and do not inform against one another or against other men -- three, the tyrant desires that all his subjects shall be incapable of action, for no one attempts what is impossible and they will not attempt to overthrow a tyranny if they are powerless. ~Aristotle

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