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Just for the record here, I am totally against illegal immigration. I believe that illegals should be deported on sight, and certainly subsequent to any criminal involvement that garners police attention. However, my want for secure borders and responsible immigration does NOT translate into support of Gestapo tactics and violations of the Constitution here at home.

What are they really accomplishing out there anyway? There are millions of illegal immigrants here that are shown amnesty for one reason or another, even after they have been caught in criminal activity in many instances. I am curious as to how this agency even justifies the expense to taxpayers, and what statistics they can provide which would show the effectiveness of these illegal roadblocks. How many illegal immigrants are actually detained, AND DEPORTED, after being stopped at one of these checkpoints. My guess is that it is a token amount, probably less then 1% of total vehicles stopped and citizens harassed.

There is always an excuse for police-state roadblocks though. Drunk drivers, murderer on the loose, and of course illegal immigrants. Like I said, I am no advocate for illegal immigrants by a long shot, but I believe there are far more effective measures that our tax dollars should be applied to, rather then harassing the people with presumptions of guilt.

More info: 

Papers Please

Police State of Mind

Here are some more immigration checkpoints vids:

4409 - Nazi Checkpoint Confronted

Homeland Security Checkpoint: Video Blog - Day 1
In this video, a border patrol agent orders another agent to "fuck with him" as the citizen rolls into the checkpoint. He is immediately ordered out of the car. But suddenly they realize, "it's that guy" with the video-camera who has been making a video blog of their activities for years now. The blogger makes a long intro, explaining some facts about these checkpoints, and the interaction is at the end of the clip:

Primary Purpose of DHS Checkpoints Revealed

To "fuck with" citizens according to that agent.

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