Papers please

Incidents like this are, right now, the front line of the battle between tyranny and liberty. Different states have different regulations when it comes to traffic enforcement, but many require that you show a driver license on demand even without probable cause for a traffic stop. Regrettably too, many courts have upheld that these Gestapo-like checkpoints do not violate the Constitution, when clearly they do. In a free country the police should not be able to detain a citizen without a warrant, or at the very least some evidence that the citizen is guilty of a crime.
A video of two young men being arrested at an Escondido sobriety checkpoint in February shows police breaking the window of their car after the driver refuses repeated requests to roll down his window and show his driver's license.

EDITED to add:

The viewer should take note though, that the laws which govern traffic enforcement are different than that of a person simply walking down the street.

On the other hand, sometimes the police resort to tactics like this even against a woman minding her own business inside her own home.


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