Yonkers cop guilty of assault and filing false charges on victim

WHITE PLAINS – A former Yonkers City Police officer faces up to seven years in state prison when sentenced in August for assaulting two people in a bar and then falsifying business records by writing up a false police report.

Raul Ramiriz, 31, of Yonkers, pled guilty to the two counts of assault in the second degree and one count of falsifying business records in the first degree, all felonies.

Ramiriz was assigned to a radio car in the overnight shift on April 12, 2010 when he went to a bar at the request of his brother who was there. He was not dispatched to the bar, but went inside, assaulted to people and initiated criminal charged against one of them.

In an effort to cover up his misconduct, Ramiriz wrote up a false police report and filed a false misdemeanor information.

Internal Affairs was notified and initiated an investigation that led to the indictment,



He turned in his shield and will spend 8 weekends in jail. 


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