No Tears for Dead Cops

While I can personally feel sad for the death of a particular person who may work as a police officer, I certainly do not grieve the loss of any police officer just because they are a cop. That is the job they do, and the risk they choose to take. And it makes my stomach ill when a person who has chosen to be a professional oppressor is glorified in death. A dead cop is no martyr.

So in that spirit, I have chosen to promo my friend's Facebook page here. Head on over and click him with a "like" if you don't like hypocrisy and tyranny.



"Death is softer by far than tyranny." ~Aeschylus

It should be CLEARLY understood, that this page IN NO WAY endorses or calls for the murder of anyone, including police officers. The purpose of this page is to stand in opposition to community support of the police, regardless of their being murdered and wounded. So long as the police are the enforcers of a economic oppression and tyrannical government policy, they are not serving the public whom they are sworn and paid to protect. So long as the police beat, murder, maim, and violate civilians, criminals and innocents alike, often as a matter of explicit policy, they will be despised. So long as the police are given special privilege in the courts and are not held to the same standard of justice as the public for criminal acts, we will not shed a tear for their loss.

To help inform the public as to the true nature of the violent and oppressive force that is paid to protect us.


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