Officer cleared in murder, found dead

In 2003, Chicago Police Officer Alvin Weems shot a man in the face, killing him. In the video below, you will see that the victim of the shooting was not an aggressor, and clearly not a deadly threat of any sort. You will also see that the officer is not in uniform, and is roaming the train station with a gun in his hand, appearing more like a stickup man than a police officer. The video was only made available after an uphill battle against police who sought to suppress the video. You will also note that what is seen on the film, contradicts official statements made by Officer Weems as well as other officials.

Despite the obvious truth and gross lies of officials, the officer was subsequently cleared of almost all wrongdoing, suspended 30-days for tardiness, and then promoted to Detective.

Following the video, is a linked article reporting on the alleged suicide of Officer Weems.


Cop caught on video killing unarmed man in '03 found dead in home

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