Syrian troops fire on civilians (video)

When power is threatened this is the result. If you think this could never happen here, I have two words for you, Kent State. It will happen again, and I fear that when the pressure valve blows next time, shit like this will be widespread.

This is amateur footage of Syrian troops opening fire on civilians. Sadly, you can gather that many of these people know each other well. I wish I understood what they were saying. Maybe a reader can help with a brief translation if they can stomach to view this.

It is a Facebook video so you will need a Facebook account to view it. But be warned, this video is absolutely horrific in its graphic brutality. I have not seen anything so terrible in a very long time. Most folks have probably never seen anything this bad, I am not fucking kidding, this video is bad. If you have reservations about viewing it, you probably should not.

<<<-WARNING: Extremely graphic and disturbring imagery->>>

Here is the link:



A related news article from Reuters:


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