Mystery of purple box 'kites' in trees: SOLVED

Thanks to the astute observations of some local friends, and the rapid-fire Googling skills of other friends, we found a mystery and solved it in a matter of minutes. It turns out the the mystery objects spotted in local trees are traps for the Emerald Ash Borer, a ferocious tree mutilating insect from Asia which has escaped quarantine. Read more in the links below.

Anacostia Watershed Society

U. Maryland - Home and garden info center


Riverlightrider said...

These are being found LOCALLY??? They were in Maryland initially, as far as this country is concerned... geesh.... They told people not to move Ash trees but how many people know what an ASH tree looks like or even heard this warning??? What now???!

Station Six Underground said...

Traps spotted in areas north of NYC.

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