Nuke Your City!

(The work has been done for you. Check out this link for a frame-by-frame basic presentation of NYC getting nuked and what it might look like as far away as Poughkeepsie, halfway to the state capital.)

Do you like playing with fireworks? Ever have the urge to level a city? Maybe the town where your ex lives? Use this cool tool to drop a bomb anywhere Google has mapped. Select from low-yield devices, like the "1-kiloton "suitcase nuke" used by Russian commandos. Or the 6-kiloton the device recently detonated by North Korea's "Dear Leader." Maybe try the classic 15 and 21-kiloton Little Man and Fat Boy bombs dropped on Japan at the end of World War II. From there, move on up to other devices deployed by various nations around the world. Or, go for the big one. By far the most powerful nuclear bomb ever built and largest explosion mankind has ever created... Tsar Bomba.

From there, you can select to see the effects of thermal radiation, blast pressure, and radioactive fallout. You can even select wind direction to see how fallout will affect an area with various prevailing winds. Click on the "pin" at your centered location to read the legend of what different shades of different effects would actually mean to the people and structures within the blast radius.


Hot-button to this page applied to the toolbar on the left.

Also, check out...

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