10 signs that America is run by Nazis

When you hear the word "Nazi" don't think jack-booted thugs, mass murder of civilians and Jewish extermination camps, think breakdown of the rule of law, destruction of individual rights, and silent obedience to authority because they came before the final endgame...

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Here is the list, but be sure to visit the link above for full descriptions.

1. Use of False Flag Terrorism

2. Use of Preemptive War

3. Indoctrination of Children

4. Creation of Goon Squads And Secret Police

5. Use of Propaganda, And Terms Like "Homeland Security"

6. Spying and Surveillance

7. Use of The Big Lie

8. State Repression and Intimidation of Activists and Patriots

9. Demonization of Innocent People - Jews, Muslims, Christians (Right-Wing Extremists), Freedom Fighters

10. Destruction of The Rule of Law And Civil Liberties

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