Other media sources question Caylee's Law

Just some more food for thought here folks. I'm not just come crackpot conspiracy theorist. There are very important, very real issues to be considered here...

Caylee's Law?

Why 'Caylee's Law' Is A Bad Idea

When tragedy and anger fuel legislation, the results are rarely what we hope for

Caylee's Law Will Send Law Enforcement on Many Wild Goose Chases

Be sure to check out our previous coverage as well:

Caylee's Law - Do we need one?

Was Casey Anthony trial propaganda-coup to destroy the Fifth Amendment?

Facebook blocks 'Caylee's Law' page from making comments

Is Casey the poster-child of modern feminism?

Be proactive:

Sign the petition to block Caylee's Law

Say No to Caylee's Law on Facebook


Anonymous said...

The link below will help to cease the harsh effects of Caylee's Law if states adopt it as law.


Station Six Underground said...

Thanks for the contribution Anon 12:51. I don't believe that ANY Caylees' Law can be enacted without violating the Fifth Amendment, but I do commend the authors of the petition for trying to think outside the box, and reach a reasonable solution between polarized camps.

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