Is Casey the poster-child of modern feminism?

I know I am going to get flamed for this, but please hear me out.

When I first heard the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial, my initial knee-jerk reaction was to say "pffft, of course she got off, she's a pretty white girl." I immediately thought of another infamous case, where a man was convicted and sentenced to death on circumstantial evidence. That was Scott Petersen of course. Some key similarities in the cases, and I had a strong sense of hypocrisy in the divergence of the two outcomes. And frankly, I am pretty surprised by the overwhelming lust for Casey Anthony's blood in the wake of her acquittal. I thought for sure that the fem-nazi camp would be out in full force to support Casey, and other might-be-killers like her, with all the usual rhetoric about how they were the victims of abuse and rape and all the evils of a "male dominated society."

Since then I have come out to reject outright the cries for a new Caylee's Law but not because I think she was guilty or innocent, but because the law itself is a bad idea. A very bad idea, but no matter what logical reasons I put forth I am venomously opposed by the overwhelming majority. So much so that I have begun to look at reasons why folks are so willing to be irrational in support of the proposed law. Is it because we feel some guilt as a society for what happened? Is there some evil gnawing away at the subconscious of the masses which makes us compelled to enact this band-aid on a bullet-hole solution?

If Casey Anthony really was guilty, as she might very well have been, is she not the product of the narcissistic mindset spawned by modern feminism?

And please understand, when I use the word feminism, I am not talking about the true power of the feminine, but the modern socio-political movement itself that has lived well beyond its mandate of women's suffrage. Now with that in mind, please read over these following articles, and then share with us your conclusion.

Is Casey Anthony the social product of feminism gone awry?

Modern Feminist Narcissism and the Sperm Bank

Why is abortion illegal for men but not women?

Is this case not a prime example of the destabilization of our society across the board?

Also, read our previous article about the Casey Anthony case...

Was Casey Anthony trial propaganda-coup to destroy the Fifth Amendment?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I always knew there was something more behind this... Glad to hear the truth finally being told. I could never understand how WOMEN'S LIBERATION??? Burn your bra ( which was created to make you more comfortable btw )to protest what??? To me it was like saying being a woman wasn't good! > To me the EQUAL RIGHTS issue was always a HUMAN RIGHTS issue.

Station Six Underground said...

And now we have to pay the piper.

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