So what really happened in Hyde Park?

It appears that this page was not the only information source to be somewhat suckered into the intense rumors of an arrest in the Filiberti case. Is this more evidence of a police coverup? Don't ask the Hyde Park police, they have no comment.

The phone began ringing around 8
p.m. Monday the 27th. They began with
a simple but breathless inquiry. “Did you
hear they just arrested two cops in the
Filiberti case?” By 9 p.m., the rumors
were really fl ying.
We immediately began working the
phones to determine if there was anything
to the rumors. There wasn’t and we told
people as much.
By midnight, it was clear nobody
seemed inclined to let the facts get in the
way of a good rumor.
Hudson Valley News was, at the same
time, slightly confl icted as the rumors
spread. We were sitting on information that
two Hyde Park Police offi cers had been
asked to provide DNA to investigators.
However, being a weekly publication,
we were obliged to wait on that story until
we published on Wednesday, which we did.
It was legitimate news and we did not
publish the offi cers’ names, although we
could have.
We also could have put it up on our
website, but decided not to pour gasoline
on a fi re that needed no assistance from us.
By 7 a.m. on Tuesday, the phones were
smoking once again.
Otherwise-rational people
were frantic for information already believed the rumors.
Many of those calling
had the offi cers’ names and
had no trouble presuming guilty. Some people were aghast few skeptical.



Anonymous said...

Ah, let us call it, "The press release that should have been." The press release that literally would have stopped the rumors and the press but instead the cops were "silent" (not an option for them) in hopes no one would discover one or two of their own were DNA tested with respect to the murder of Kathryn Filiberti. All we really know about what happened in Hyde Park is a young woman named Kathryn Filiberti was murdered 15, 16 weeks ago. Thing is a press release surrounding DNA testing one or two of their own would have kicked the public confidence level in police up a notch or two; the police (once again) chose to let public confidence drop.

Anonymous said...

Anybody hear from poster JakInTheBox???

He's not on the PoJo website anymore and haven't heard from him here either. He was one of the first people to suspect a cop did it. Wonder if he got eliminated by those involved in the conspiracy?

Station Six Underground said...

Jak is a contributing author here and was my source when the story first broke. I am sure he will thank you for your concern if he stops by today.

Anonymous said...

Did pojo block Jak? I see someone attempting to post over at pojo but all we see is, "This comment was left by a user who has been blocked by our staff."

Anonymous said...

"This comment was left by a user who has been blocked by our staff."

Hahaha. In like every story, there is one of these. If that is Jak, it's freakin' hilarious. I like how in the "boat crash" story, there's about 10 of them.

Jackinthebox said...

I didn't comment on the boat story tonight, but they do nick my junk all the time. I got banned once and only got let back in with the application of a fantastically worded letter of complaint... which I posted publicly.

Anonymous said...

DA released a statement that no one in law enforcement is a suspect in the killing... "Nothing to see here, just go about your business." -Chief Broe


Station Six Underground said...

Thanks for sharing 9:38.

Of course, if there is a coverup, the DA has been involved from the get-go. Dutchess County DA has a history of corruption and refusing to prosecute police officers for violent crimes.

Station Six Underground said...

Wow, what a shitty article there at PoJo.

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